Organic Hair Colour

Organic Hair Colour

At The Natural Hairdresser we use Colour Herbe organic hair colour where possible.
Here are some words about it from their web site.

“ColourHerbe has been trusted by millions all over the world since it was launched in the 1970s by Michel Albergo.Wanting to devise a range of gentle hair colourants for his family, Mr Albergo sought his inspiration from his extensive experience of herbal extracts and their power to naturally condition the hair.

Realising that hair colouring did not require the aggressive power of Ammonia to rapidly swell open the hair cuticle, his was a gentler approach, choosing to gently yield the hair cortex open in order to deposit the colour pigments. This he achieved by combining hydrogen peroxide with plant oils, thereby creating a pH environment that allows the colour pigments to naturally, tone or replace, those already existing in the hair’s cortex.

The result – long lasting, beautifully toned shiny hair that is maintained without the use of silicone – based after-care products. The delicate hair cuticle is not damaged by Ammonia in the colouring process and so quick fix, with silicone-based conditioners are not required.

The hair is simply maintained with Aloe Vera – based shampoo and conditioner, free from SLS and parabens.”

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